Hyundai and Hermes Build an Equus Together

A recent partnership between French designer Hermes and Hyundai seeks to raise the image of the Equus sedan and position it among other high-end vehicles.


Hyundai management has always been very ambitious in regards to the Equus. Launched on the North American market in 2010, the mission of this big sedan is to go head-to-head with the best that the automotive industry has to offer in terms of luxury and refinement, including the S -Class from Mercedes-Benz as well as the Lexus LS.

Hermes and Hyundai have been working together for two years on the Equus by Hermes. The concept presented at the Seoul Auto Show this year was based on a long wheelbase version of the Hyundai Equus, which is not available in North America.

The Equus by Hermes is fully lined with calfskin and crocodile leather, similar to what is used to create the famous Kelly and Birkin bags from Hermes, which sell for about 15 000$ each. The rear seat area was also modified to include a refrigerated center console, handy for keeping water bottles or champagne at the perfect temperature. There are also four cupholders and a folding work table.

For now, the Hyundai Equus by Hermès will be available only for the Asian market and only three models will be built.


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